The Foyer Federation has developed a series of engaging workshops and resources that bring the methodologies, ideas and practice of Advantaged Thinking to life.

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Our core training:

Advantaged Thinking

Our Advantaged Thinking workshop enables individuals and staff teams to experience Advantaged Thinking through a range of lenses. Through a series of engaging practical exercises, discussions of relevant theory and structured reflection sessions, participants are supported to develop an Advantaged Thinking mindset and to spot opportunities for growth.

"I found the advantaged thinking training incredibly insightful. It was useful to be objective about the way we look at, and work with, our residents as it is easy to forget how much impact a negative word or turn of phrase can have on a person. I found it really helpful to frame things in a more advantaged light as it has given me a whole new set of skills in order to work more effectively with our residents. Joel and Kate delivered the information in a really clear manner and with a good level of interactivity. I thoroughly enjoyed the day." SAHA Trainee

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Advantaged Thinking is an evolving process rather than a plan that's set in stone. It’s a mindset that takes consistent practice. To embed Advantaged Thinking in every element of your service and organisation, we have a range of training available across the seven tests of Advantaged Thinking.

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Test 1 - Talk

Do you choose positive language when describing people and steer clear of pigeonholing and stereotypes?

[Coming Soon!] Advantaged Thinking communication

Working positively with the media

Test 2 - Understand 

Do you always try to learn about someone’s strengths over their weaknesses?

Understanding Theory of Change

Data collection and social impact

Test 3 - Work with

Do you look beyond problems and deficits to develop new ideas and build on a person’s strengths and best qualities?

Working effectively with young people


Test 4 – Invest

Do you focus resources on enabling young people to thrive as well as helping them to cope?

[Coming Soon!] Funding an Advantaged Thinking approach

Test 5 – Believe

Do you dream as big for young people experiencing homelessness as you do for yourself and your family?

Trusting youth

Test 6 – Involve

Do you always put young people at the centre of their solutions and use their experiences to empower them?

Powering up youth

Test 7 – Challenge

Do you actively campaign for Advantaged Thinking and hold Disadvantaged Thinking to account?

[Coming Soon!] Campaign training

Being truly Advantaged Thinking involves investing in your staff and other key components of your organisation. We offer a range of support to enable you to build and maintain an Advantaged Thinking organisation and staff team:

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