Working with young people in an Advantaged Thinking way means putting young people at the centre of their own solutions, co-creating opportunities for them to influence the service, and sharing power with young people in fundamental areas of your work. In many organisations, this can be a challenging thing to do.


In this workshop, we will work with your team to unpack the way your service involves, listens to and acts on the insights of young people. We will explore how power exists in your service, including where young people have genuine power to affect change and where they do not, as well as youth activism, youth leadership, and the processes and systems that act as barriers or enablers for change. The workshop was co-created and is co-delivered with a young person with lived experience, enabling us to bring a unique insight and perspective to the subject matter.

Learning objectives:

  • Gaining a common understanding and foundation of power dynamics in youth supported housing.
  • To identify barriers and opportunities for the organisation to share power.
  • Inspire and exemplify ways to build and share power. 
  • Recognise the importance of youth power and leadership.
  • Decide on a specific course of action to grow youth leadership.
“Having attended this training course it has become clear how much more we can achieve and the dramatic inspiring changes this can bring to our young people. Really eager to see where we are once we have implemented some of the changes.”

In your location

One-day workshop

2-3 facilitators

Up to 15 participants

£1,200* + expenses 

This price includes a 30% member discount

*50% covers training and payment for a young trainer 

If you are a small organisation, please get in touch to find out how we can pair you with another service. 

If you would like this training delivered to more people, contact us for a conversation.

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