There are many different coaching definitions. We see coaching as conversations with purpose, conversations that raise awareness and responsibility around a person's core values and aspirations in their own context. Done well, coaching can provide people with the tools and confidence they need to forge their own path and realise their potential.


Our coaching workshop gives teams an insight into the benefits of coaching as an AT way to work with people. We discuss relevant theory, share examples of good coaching in practice, and provide space for staff to develop and practice different individual and group coaching techniques with guidance from our training team.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the fundamental theories of a coaching approach
  • Confidence in knowing when to coach and when to support 
  • Practice using key skills including active listening, asking open questions and showing positive regard 
  • Awareness of the need to gain permission (and how!) and the power of coaching to values
“It really works. The day after the training I made sure that I had more of a coaching conversation with a young person at our service and she really opened up when I used the coaching method.”

In your location

One-day workshop

1-2 facilitators

Up to 15 participants

£950 + expenses 

This price includes a 30% member discount

If you are a small organisation, please get in touch to find out how we can pair you with another service. 

If you would like this training delivered to more than 15 people, contact us for a conversation.

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