What is Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP)?

Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP) is an approach to working with people based on the understanding that the experience of trauma in a person’s life can have a significant impact on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. TIP is not a specific treatment for trauma, but rather an approach to working with people that is sensitive to the effects of trauma, promoting trust, healing and safety.

"We learned about the window of tolerance, used a timer to predict and collaborate, and listened to others input and experiences."

"I discovered grounding techniques and gained more knowledge about trauma informed practice."

"Really enjoyed speaking with other people in similar roles and hearing their perspective."

Why is TIP important?

Many young people who live in supported accommodation have experienced trauma, which can have a long-lasting impact on their physical and mental health, and their relationships with others. Equally, those working with young people are not immune from experiences of trauma within their own lives and may be at risk of vicarious trauma through their work, leading to burnout. TIP can help create safe and supportive environments where young people can heal from previous experiences and thrive. Additionally it provides a toolkit to build supportive environments for staff, encouraging wellbeing and resilience.

What are the aims of TIP training?

TIP training aims to equip participants with additional understanding, skills and confidence to integrate key elements of trauma-informed approaches into their practice, making their Foyer into a trauma-informed environment. 

There are many benefits to TIP training for staff who work with young people including:

  • Increased understanding of the impact of trauma on young people
  • Ability to recognise behaviour which may indicate a trauma response
  • Apply more effective support for young people to cope with stress and trauma
  • Improved ability to create a safe and supportive environment for young people

Want to find out more about booking TIP training?

Contact us to find out more about TIP training for your organisation

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In your location:

One full day workshop, up to 15 participants

  • Network members price: £950+travel expenses
  • Non network members price: £1350+travel expenses

Half day in person, up to 15 participants

  • Network members price: £750+travel expenses
  • Non network members price: £1100+travel expenses


Half day online, for up to 20 participants

  • Network members price: £500
  • Non network members price: £700

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