Foyers provide a safe, nurturing and inspiring place for young people to live, learn and transition to independent adulthood.

The Foyer was designed to be an alternative approach to a hostel, using a ‘something-for-something’ deal to integrate housing, education, training, employment and health support with leadership development for young people who could not live at home.

Each Foyer has, on average, 30-40 beds, though some are much bigger and some smaller. Some are independent, and others are owned by housing associations or youth charities like YMCA. The offer and referral criteria from each Foyer might differ depending on its location, size and parent organisation. What links them all together is their commitment to the Foyer model and Advantaged Thinking.

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The Foyer deal

Foyers give young people a personalised service, and in exchange young people are expected to actively engage in their own development and make a positive contribution to their community. This ‘deal’ empowers young people to take ownership of their future and to make lasting personal and social change. 

What the deal looks like depends on the person. It takes into account their circumstances, the barriers they’re currently facing, and the dreams and aspirations that will shape their future. It could include picking up education or getting into work, developing life skills and resilience, rebuilding relationships, overcoming mental health issues, and working to deepen self-confidence and self-belief. 

The role of the Foyer Federation

The Foyer Federation works with network members to support and enhance delivery at the local level. 

Our FOR Youth quality framework safeguards the model to ensure young people get the best deal possible. The idea for this accreditation journey was innovated by young people, who wanted to ensure everyone in their position had access to a consistent, high-quality service.

We develop transformational programmes and campaigns which celebrate and grow young people’s talents, enhance staff skills, embed Advantaged Thinking practices in services, and challenge policy and decision-makers to make more effective long-term investments in young people

Theory of Change

The Foyer Federation have worked closely with local Foyers and young people to understand the journey that young people go on when they enter a Foyer. 

Our Theory of Change for Foyers was designed with young people in partnership with the University of Cumbria and takes an asset based approach to change. 

You can download the Theory of Change and see the current impact data from accredited Foyers below...

Young people's progress in Foyers last year

Theory of Change for Foyers
The Foyer Federation is registered in England and Wales under company number 2699839 at Work.Life, Core Building, 30 Brown Street, Manchester, M2 1DH. The charity is registered under charity number 1040482.
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