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Our new Advantaged Thinking website is LIVE!

Join us for this next chapter of the Advantaged Thinking movement
5 Feb 2024

Adventures In Advantaged Thinking: Chapter 4 – Sustaining Direction

How can service providers embed Advantaged Thinking into their daily practice and how the service runs?
10 May 2022

Adventures in Advantaged Thinking: Chapter Three – Climbing the Mountain

Becoming Advantaged Thinking starts with vision, ambition and inspiration. But how can a service practically embed it into its culture and practice?
5 Apr 2022

Adventures in Advantaged Thinking: Chapter Two – Seeing New Depths

Advantaged Thinking is improving outcomes for young people in services across the UK and around the world. But how does it work?
1 Mar 2022

Adventures in Advantaged Thinking: Chapter One – Starting the Journey

Advantaged Thinking is powerful, inspiring and highly effective. But what exactly is it? And how does one do it?
8 Feb 2022

Celebrating 30 years of the Foyer Federation

For our 30th birthday, we have a BIG present to share!
29 Jan 2022

10 Years of Advantaged Thinking

“Advantaged Thinking is pure sunshine.”
28 May 2021

10 Years of Advantaged Thinking

The 7 day challenge!
7 May 2021

Power Up Youth

Our Youth Influence and Involvement Strategy 2021-22
4 Feb 2021

Finding strength in solidarity: how The Listening Fund's research can help Advantaged Thinking

Colin Falconer of InspireChilli reflects on how recent research conducted for the Listening Fund can help Advantaged Thinking.
17 Jun 2020

Embedding Advantaged Thinking: HR and the young person's journey

Advantaged Thinking is at the core of the Foyer ethos, and it’s something all of our members strive for in everything they do.
28 May 2020

The 7 Days of Advantaged Thinking

An Advantaged Thinking journey for young people over the course of a week.
17 Apr 2020

Get inspired: how Advantaged Thinking can help young people navigate coronavirus

At times like these, the principles of Advantaged Thinking are more important than ever.
16 Mar 2020
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