In partnership with LandAid, the Moving On Up fund was launched in October 2022 to award 100K to young people over two years. 117 people living in Foyers across our network have received grants of up to £1000 towards costs associated with moving out of their Foyer and into independent living. Since its launch, Moving On Up has received 262 nominations from staff and 220 applications directly from young people.

Empowering young people

Each month, applications were evaluated according to need and readiness. Particularly striking was the perseverance and resolve shown by young applicants and their resilience to overcome significant hurdles to achieve their goals. Grants were used towards the cost of utilities, rent arrears, essential household items, and moving-out expenses such as transportation and childcare.

“The grant helped me because it provided me with funds that I would never have been able to save up to without” 

“I have been able to make my flat my home. If I hadn’t been given the money I’d still be saving for floors now over 12 months on.”

Impact on staff

Foyer staff reported significantly reduced stress when helping residents move into their own accommodation, particularly when supporting young people facing mental health challenges. They shared that the fund promoted positive interactions between staff and young people, resulting in an easier and more enjoyable process. This tells us that directly investing in young people, supporting them to have greater agency and control over their lives, has a positive impact on the service and improves the experience for staff.

“This grant has made a massive impact on my role because it has made the thought of moving on into independent living a lot less stressful for the young people”

“Working with young people who suffer with mental health problems can make moving on stressful. Having the move on up fund allowed the whole process to be positive and easy flowing, allowing staff and young people to work together well and make it stress-free and enjoyable”

Measuring long-term outcomes

Since March, our Impact and Insight Consultant has been analysing the deeper impact of the Moving On Up fund. This research will help us understand how we might refine our approach and grow our impact further. Looking ahead, we’re continuing to uncover the evolving needs of young people transitioning out of their Foyer, evaluating the effectiveness of the Moving On Up fund by identifying successes and areas for improvement, and seeking long-term partners to continue to provide grant support for young people in our network.

Read the full Moving On Up Impact Report here.

Moving On Up Impact Report
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