This February, 35 staff members from across 19 Foyers gathered together at our first Community of Practice workshops of 2024. Hosted in London and Manchester, each event supported staff to explore approaches to wellbeing.

The morning was spent exploring compassion fatigue, giving individuals the space to reflect on their own experiences and define the meaning in their context. Staff explored how compassion fatigue can impact decision making, thinking about ways to spot the signs within themselves and their housing colleagues. The groups were then led to reflect on cultivating an Advantaged Thinking mindset for themselves, exploring how having self-compassion can lead to greater resilience.

I enjoyed the reflective aspect to understand the common difficulties and practice, especially related to self-compassion

Next, staff explored examples of best practice across their services. Through making something creative, each group discussed what works well for them and opened up a dialogue about where there might be gaps. One person said, “I enjoyed meeting new colleagues and sharing ideas.”

In the afternoon, staff participated in practical activities designed to support both themselves and others through the lens of the five ways to well-being model. Tasks provided a welcome break from the usual day-to-day routines, featuring letter writing, mind mapping, meaningful conversation and a very popular balloon challenge!

The day served as a catalyst for positive change, leaving staff equipped with practical skills and strategies not only for individual well-being but also for fostering a supportive team culture - paving the way for a more resilient and supportive workforce. Staff said they left feeling inspired, positive and informed! 

In terms of what I am taking away, I am going to try and create a wellbeing plan, even if it’s just small, like writing down one positive thing that happened in my day or week"

Don't worry if you missed out this time - you can reserve your spot on our next Community of Practice here and download a copy of our wellbeing toolkit resource below.

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