From Warrington to St Helens, this April young people from the North West living in one of Your Housing Group’s Foyers brought the galaxy together for a night of recognition and celebration at The Galactic Awards annual event.  Recognising the impressive talent, commitment and hard work of each young Foyer resident, the celebration also provides a wonderful opportunity for senior staff to see first-hand the strength and resilience of their young people. Jinx, a young person living in Bridge Foyer, tells us what it was like to take part in the event and the lasting impact of winning one of the awards – Reach For The Stars!

“When I was first told about the Galactic Awards I had an image of a really formal event in my mind, even after staff assured me that the event was very informal. We weren't given too many details – I was told it was all to be a surprise, so I didn't know what to expect!

Getting ready for the awards I loved being pampered and having new clothes, and I felt very smart and looked good! The journey to the awards ceremony was by limousine from Chester to Warrington which was so much fun and a fantastic experience. There were lots of surprises and we were all wowed by the decorations and effort that'd gone into the event. I was worried the venue would be overcrowded but it wasn't and it was clear to see all the thought and effort that'd gone into every aspect of the day for us.

The actual ceremony was really inspiring and I was lucky, not only to have been nominated, but also to win an award! This had a big impact on me because it showed me that staff do care and that my journey had been noticed and recognised. Something just clicked for me that day and after the event back at Bridge Foyer I wanted to prove to the staff that I was worthy of the award. Ever since I've felt inspired to keep making improvements, and finally accepted some of the support that I had been struggling to start.

At the Galactic Awards, I really enjoyed meeting people from the other foyers and hearing their stories. Chatting afterwards was good fun as everyone was more relaxed once the ceremony was over. When it was time for our coach home I have to say my social battery had run out a little bit, but I still had a 3-hour journey ahead of me! As we dropped off all the other foyers before we headed back to Chester, staff members Toni and Hazel kept us all motivated as we made our way home.”

Jinx, Reach For The Stars Award Winner receiving their award.

Hearty congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the Galactic Awards. In the words of Andy Ward, Young People Services Operations Manager at Your Housing Group:

“You’re a credit to yourselves and all have bright futures ahead!”

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