During the young people’s ReRooted residential in August 2023, we dedicated some time to action planning. Each Foyer was given £250 to implement their own wellbeing project or event based on what the young people had learnt and enjoyed at the residential. 

What is the ReRooted Programme? 

Young people in Foyers consistently tell us that mental health and wellbeing is one of their biggest concerns. Supported by funding from UK Youth's Thriving Minds Fund and the CHK Foundation, ReRooted is about empowering staff to build the knowledge, confidence and skills to better support young people who arrive in their Foyers. The programme aims to make young people’s time in Foyers a positive and inspiring experience, enabling them to feel safe to put down new roots. Young people have also engaged in the ReRooted learning process, becoming advocates for positive approaches to wellbeing in their Foyers and their own lives. 

What did each Foyer do? 

Verve Place, Warrington. The young people really appreciated the beautiful surroundings of the residential venue and being in nature. They choose to put their fund towards improving the outside garden areas at their Foyer. The money was used to make the area bright and welcoming, with plants, pots, outdoor lighting, and additional seating.

Bridge Foyer, Coops Foyer, Dove Cott, Swan Foyer and YMCA Crewe. The young people from these Foyers found great value in coming together with others, recognising the importance of connection and engaging in new experiences for their mental health. Coops Foyer used their money to take residents on a Christmas trip to a local ice rink, while Bridge Foyer had a half term trip out of the Foyer. Dove Cott and Swan House Foyer joined together, using their funding for a trip to an escape room and meal afterwards. The young people from YMCA Crewe were keen to foster the relationships they had made at the residential, so used their funds to cover travel costs of visiting other Foyers that they had met as part of ReRooted. 

Newhaven Foyer’s young people really appreciated the benefits of art for wellbeing and chose to put their money towards updating their Foyer. Young people led on designing and painting an area of the Foyer, showing their artistic side, brightening up their environment and making it theirs. 

Bath Street, Hereford. Young people from the Foyer loved being in nature at the residential venue and wanted to take this experience back to others. They used their money to go on a series of resident hikes away from the Foyer, not only to explore but also to connect with the natural environment and each other. 

Ludlow Foyer. Young people decided to use their funds to create a sensory space by converting their training room to help make it a more calming and sociable space for residents. The funds went towards buying appropriate furnishing and lighting. 

Well done everyone! 

The ReRooted programme will develop based on participant feedback, running until May 2025, with ongoing opportunities for Foyers to engage. Find out more about the programme and how to get involved here.

The Foyer Federation is registered in England and Wales under company number 2699839 at Work.Life, Core Building, 30 Brown Street, Manchester, M2 1DH. The charity is registered under charity number 1040482.
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