The Hear Me Out! fund celebrates young people’s strengths and invests in their talents with up to £250 to go towards a personal project. Here are the stories of two young people who are using their funding to grow an existing passion they have.

Skye, Ravenhead Foyer

Skye is an animal lover and horserider with a passion for art. She plans to combine her two talents by purchasing a camera and having lessons in photography to hone her skills.

Sky said, “I’ve had some shoots done for me and my horse beofre. I’d love to be able to do that for others, and take pictures of my own horse too.

“My uncle has a camera and will teach me how to use mine. I’ve always wanted to do photography with animals, and so far I’ve only been able to do it on my phone. I want to learn about the actual movements of horses, like the way their bodies are. It’ll be easier to put it into perspective with the different camera angles.

“I was brought into the horse and animal world young, My gran grew up on a farm in Ireland and my mum grew up with horses. I started riding when I was three. Before I could walk! When I was about 11, I’d see people doing photo edits online. I tried doing it with apps for fun. Now I hope I can turn it into a business.”

Reece, YMCA Derbyshire

Reece is a fitness enthusiast. He is particularly interested in boxing. He said, “I believe it releases my emotions, such as stress and anger.” He runs boxing classes for other residents within the YMCA once a week, and with this funding, he plans to increase the number of sessions he holds, including putting on women-only sessions.

Reece said, “I have been struggling to open this up to wider residents due to a lack of boxing equipment. I currently use a boxing bag provided by YMCA and one set of pads and gloves. To help my idea move forward and to be able to support other residents with their anger and self harming, I’d like to buy more equipment.

“This idea came to me whilst I had to try and cope with my uncontrollable anger problems after being set up and jumped one day. The lessons started a few weeks after the incident happened and an average of 7-10 people come and say it helps them relieve their anger. I enjoy how I can make others feel good about themselves. I like seeing them have fun and become the best person they can be.

“This will help me build my leadership and communication skills, which are required to run a club, and it helps others build teamwork and collaboration.

“My aspirations for the future would be to work as a personal fitness instructor as I love making people become the best they can.”

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