“I’ve always had an interest in creative things. I paint with my hands and do quite abstract things, outside of the box,” Jade Adams told us, “I’ve never fitted into any boxes.”

Jade, a talented artist from YMCA Rose Farm, was awarded £250 funding from the Hear Me Out! project to further her passion and try out new ideas. She said, “It is my dream to be able to bring to life a collection of drawings and ideas I have for sculptures, and this funding will help with that. My hopes are that I could explore more materials and techniques, get some recognition and continue to pursue these ideas, create figurines and paintings, even personalising them to the customers’ requirements.

“My art style is unique and quirky, and I have had requests in the past to make custom creations for people but being unable to source materials on a low budget I have rarely been able to do so. I would hope this could become a part-time career for me.”

Jade studied photography and fine art at school, and having a creative outlet has been an important part of her life and self-expression for as long as she can remember. “When I can step back away from something and see what I’m not able to express any other way, it’s a release,” she explained.

“I think everyone should find something they can be proud of. I’m proud I can put my hand to something and make it what I wanted it to be. Life is chaotic and for me, my mind is always racing 100 miles an hour. I believe that creative work is an amazing tool that can be used for mental health. When things are internalised, I can get them out on paper or with a piece of clay. I want to share that with other people so they can help themselves.”

Since moving to the Foyer, Jade has found a fantastic community of like-minded artists. Her coaches do everything they can to create space for her to explore her creativity. “I’m lucky that in my Foyer there’s a second lounge area that nobody else uses so I can let my mind run wild in there. There’s a table and space for me to use where I can be in my own bubble.

“I tried sculpting when I was given some clay by someone within the support community. They saw my paintings and asked if I’d tried clay. I was lucky!”

Jade plans to hold an exhibition of her work in the Foyer to share her skills with the community. She will also use her talents to bring some colour to the Foyer, which had a refurbishment in 2019. “It was good to have a reset,” said Jade, “Now we have a lounge with no art on the walls. I got permission to paint the kitchen cupboards with something nice and colourful like fruit and veggies.

“The goal is to get my confidence back. I lost my drive. I didn’t believe I was good enough but now I see it coming back.”

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