Keira is a young mum with a passion for gardening that’s grown more and more during the COVID-19 lockdown. Her passion for creating a beautiful space and nurturing flowers and veg has led to blossoming friendships within the Foyer, as well as sowing wonderful memories with her 10-month-old little girl.

“During lockdown, we couldn’t go out a lot and I had to shield,” she explained. “Being stuck in 24/7 was frustrating. I asked staff about the garden patch, and they said it was for us but nobody was bothered about it. It was nice to have time out and in the sun doing something where I could see the difference. I could look and think, ‘I made I did that. That’s what I’ve done.‘

“The garden took a lot of work to dig out because everything was overgrown. We had a few plants growing but limited resources with seeds, pots and soil. The kit was getting wet and ruined, and we only had three tools. If everyone is trying to get out there, that’s not enough!”

Although resources were limited, Keira’s vision for the garden certainly wasn’t. She applied to our Hear Me Out! fund to buy additional equipment and turn the space into a place people were keen to use. “We wanted to develop our garden into a more baby-friendly space that people would be happy to sit in and use more often,” she said. “By growing veg, we wanted to become more sustainable for current and future residents.”

Now, Keira and five other residents are planting sustainable seeds (“My faves are the tomatoes, strawberries and carrots!”) and holding weekly brunches in the garden where the kids can play and the mums can relax together. “It’s a space we can proud of,” she said.
Keira hopes her love of gardening will be a positive part of her and her baby's life for years to come. Thinking towards the future, she said, “I hope we can get our own house soon and start living independently and have a garden or at least a balcony for pot plants. I’m hoping, when she’s older, I can teach her outdoor ways to play. I want her to be hands-on.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how the garden grows, and we’ll catch up with Keira again in future to find out! Watch this space to stay up to date with her journey.

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